memory card for canon A2000IS


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memory card for canon A2000IS

What would be the best memory card for the Canon A 2000 IS .One or two gig size.
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Easy question!..........2gb for sure.

The reason is because of the price of memory.
There will be a time when you are unable to take off the images and a 2gb card when the camera is set for full resolution and fine image quality is about 200 pictures.
Also, if you were ever to try video mode that sucks up memory pretty quickly.

2gb SD cards can be had for a song.
I see 2 packs going for under $20.00..........It's a good idea to have a spare card in your case.
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What speed of memory card for that camera

My fault,I also want to know what speed of the memory card.I believe they come in different speeds,how fast they store pictures so the camera doesn't slow down because of a slow memory card.
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memory card for canon A2000IS

The speed can be limited or controlled by the properties/ability of the camera if you are trying shoot quick sequentiql shots. The speed of the "chip" is usually not a factor.

If the camera operates in an automatic mode ther will be a delay in the focusing and adjustments for the conditions. This is usually longer than the time to just save a shot. - I stopped using one digital camera because it was just too slow to adjust for shooting wild, 5 year old twin boys, but I still use it when I need a handy light camera for detailed (1 1/2") macro shots.


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