Vivitar and metal shoe


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Vivitar and metal shoe

I have two Vivitar 285s. One is the HV and the other is not. The non HV had a broken hot shoe which I replaced with a metal one. I combined the red, green and white wires together and soldered them to the center contact and the black to the other contact. I tested the flash thouroghly and everything works fine. I was researching these hot shoes on the internet and discovered different wiring methods, the most comon is the connect just the red wire to the cener contact and seal the green and white wires.. Will my wiring configuration fail in the future? I shoot weddings and I need my equipment to be as reliable as my Vivitars are.
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Sorry, I cannot help but make sure you post back whatever you find. I'm curious to know.
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Hi res, welcome to our forums!

I have replaced the foot on one of my 283's but believe I wired the wires as they were originally.
Did you get any good info on this from other forums?
Here is one person did with their extra wires on a 285.

These 283/285 Vivitar strobes seem to have a cult following as there are a ton of diy repair hits on them.
I am researching a "will not always fire" problem on a Vivitar 6000 ring flash.
I use a 283 and a 6000 ring flash on my digital Canon 40d though a Wynn Safe-Sync to prevent possible high voltage damage.
Might spend the $500.00 or so on a dedicated strobe some day but there are too many other goodies to buy.

Are you using your 285 on a digital?

How are you making out with your 50D Pilot?


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