flash recommendations


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flash recommendations

I have an older Canon Rebel XT dslr and want to buy a separate flash. I see the 430EX and 580EX recommended all over the place, but I am not going to spend that much money, under $100. I am looking for some recommendations or experience with 3rd party flashes that are good, Vivitar, Bower, etc, again in the $50-$100 range, used is fine too.

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I too am in the market for a strobe for Canon digital but most of the reviews on the inexpensive eTTL flash units are not good.
Reliability being their biggest problem.
There are also many flash units that I see advertised for Canon digital that are not eTTL and do not work in conjunction with the camera's settings.
These are basically film camera flashes with an internal auto setting but can be frustrating to use as you need to have the camera set to manual.

I personally have rejected the idea of buying the cheaper eTTL flash units like Bower because of poor reliability and the fact that the unit has no or minimal adjustment ability.

There are a few eTTL flash units that are good, one of them being Sigma and they are less expensive than the Canon but still much over your budget of $100.00.

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I use a 430EX (not the newer EX II model). I bought it after the II model had come out so the price on the older EX model had dropped nicely. I have tried a cheap non-zoom flash and it was just annoying. It would go flash but the range was very limited, coverage was not smooth, and I found it only good for a trigger flash. The 430EX always provides nice even coverage and it has proven it's power a few times at 105mm and long range to fill in shadows. I would look for a used 430EX or maybe even a 420EX to stay within your budget.

After saying all that I have to admit that I need some serious schooling in the use of a hot shoe flash. In the studio or when I have the time for a couple test shots everything is fine and of course things come out well when using the "green box of shame" but I rarely can rarely get the result I want on the first try with the flash in ETTL. The hot shoe flash is much better than the pop-up but it still frustrates me when I try to use ETTL. I often find it easier to switch to manual when trying to get just the right amount of fill.

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