Canon SD750 repair


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Canon SD750 repair

My daughter dropped her Canon PowerShot SD750 ELPH. Now it will power up for a few seconds, try to retract the lense, display a white screen and then power back down. Is this something I can fix maybe? I see lots of small screws so I am willing to take it apart and snoop around, but thought I could maybe get some help. If it isn't something for me to reasonably fix how about reputalbe on line repair services? Thanks
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IMHO, working on a digital camera would be like doing brain surgery.

Repair services will probably charge half the price of a new camera, and this tactic is designed to put you on the repair/replace fence.
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I agree.

An estimate will confirm this but the cost of qualified technicians would make this type of repair on an inexpensive camera impractical.
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If you have nothing to lose by trying to fix it, try it.

There must have been something in that wine I drank, because now I think it's possible that the lens retraction mechanism has been jammed; the camera senses an abnormally high current while the lens motion motor stalls, and so it shuts down.

You could confirm this idea by monitoring camera battery current with an ammeter during this abortive lens retraction.
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I dropped my 50D. Everything worked but there was a crack in the housing. The repair charge was $371. $56 for parts, $290 labor and $21 for return shipping.

I would sit down and take it apart and see if you can somehow fix it. Worst case you can see what the insides look like. Other than that I would start shopping for a new camera.

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