another camera question


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another camera question

Ok going to see monster jam at ford field January 16th. the policy says no cameras with lenses over 5 inchs and 50mm or above. i want to bring my nikon DX and the lens is under 5 inchs but goes up to 55mm which is 6mm above the limit. would i get away with it. it says that items that are not allowed must either be returned to the car or discarded. they will not be held for later pickup. i looked up a lens that goes up to 24mm but its $800 i can bring my camera phone which i gave to my mom. also when they say no video cameras does that include digital cameras that record video.(the no video cameras is monster jams policy)
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My personal thought is that it would be ok.

BUT, you seemed to be worried last time about following the rules to the letter so based on that I would say don't bring a lens that is over 50 mm.
If you really want to be picky, even though your lens is 55 mm on a small sensor SLR camera the effective focal length would be closer to 80mm.

I would think that if you were going to concerts on a regular basis a lens that meets their requirements would be a good investment.
Sigma lenses work very well for me and this one is only $115.00:

Click image:

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And we've visited this problem once before. Following all the rules will make you paranoid. Don't you remember the last concert? How many cameras were there with long lenses? If you think security is worried about your camera among 20,000 other people smoking pot, being rowdy, jumping up and down, it ain't worth the pix. Like Greg said, Sigma makes very affordable lenses that would suffice. In the lighting you will be afforded, a long lens won't gather enough to produce a quality picture. And a flash only carries 30' for proper return.
Just don't make the mistake I made once, shooting film. I was assigned to cover a concert shooting black and white with one camera, and color in the other. What I didn't realize the basic lighting was red. Black and white won't pick up red, so all the b/w film was useless.
Hey, have fun, take your pictures!!
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i didn't see any cameras with detachable lenses at the kiss show just regular pocket size digital not driving to the show so i don't have to pay for parking im relying on public transportation so i just can't return to my car and then go back to the venue.i have a kodak easyshare with a 38 to 380mm equivalent.

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