Kodak ZX1 video cam battery tabs


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Kodak ZX1 video cam battery tabs


The metal spring loaded battery tab on my Kodak ZX1 cam corder just snapped off. If I send it to Kodak for repairs, I might as well buy another camera instead. I tried to use a metal washer as a shim between the battery and the remains of the tab, but there was no contack. If I try to solder a new tab myself, I'm sure this battery tab is connected to the circuit board and I would probably fry it. Any suggestions? Thanks, JB
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That's a pretty inexpensive camera, so I'd say you are correct to not send it off for repairs. I'd try soldering it somehow. Can you get the case open without destroying the camera? It's worthless now so if you screw up the repair you have not lost anything.

Soldering the battery connection tab/spring may be difficult. They are usually made from plated steel which does not take solder well (they are often riveted to the circuit board). You may have some luck if you scuff it with fine sandpaper and coat it well with flux before soldering. You say the old tab snapped off. Did it break in the middle or did the whole thing come loose from the circuit board. If you have the complete tab you are in luck. If the old one snapped in half... good luck. You will have to get creative to find some substitute.
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Thanks PD,

I've been talking with a few computer repair guys, and electronic people. Nobody wants to touch it. They're afraid of frying the circuit board. One guy suggested taking aluminum foil and making a shim to take the place of the spring loaded tab. Tell be about cold soldering. Can I take a coil spring from an old pocket radio and cold solder it to the remains of the tab. The tab actually broke where it's bent and hinges. Thanks, JB

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