chid's video cam


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chid's video cam

We know about getting what you pay for.
My son bought my grand daughter a child's video cam which one could not get a one GB card for. It turned out to be broken besides.
She asked me to help her and it was a nightmare.
There are no retail one GB cards.
I saw a Kodak for $60. but the person told me to realize that all these are basically for kids and not to expect too much. My grand daught is 9 going on 10 and will be disappointed so I don't know if I should get her the Kodak with the anticipated problems or explain she is better off in a few years with a better camera and get her a replacement gift in the meanwhile.
Any magical ideas for a perplexed Grampy
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I'm a bit confused. Are you trying to find a memory card for the camera your son bought or are you thinking of buying a camera for the grandchild (or both)?

If you are trying to find 1gb memory cards just ask around. I have a pile of old cards that are small by modern standards. I bet you will find a neighbor or friend that has a 1gb card collecting dust somewhere.
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petter, check out the flip video cameras. They run about $80 and I see many videos on you-tube shot with them.
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I would get her a Kodak camera if she is only 9 or 10 years old, the person is right. There isn't anything really great about Kodak cameras sadly. They are very basic, and if not taken care of, they can mess up quickly. They are good starter cameras at least. If that's what your grand daughter wants, you should get it
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Whew,I had to work to get here.
I got a notice in my mailbox -hotmail -that I had a reply here. I clicked on it and the jumping kicked in again. I had to open Firefox and search for my thread.
Anyway, I did get a Flip camera and could not be happier. Cisco is dicontinuing them but we got the last one. The software in the camera was a problem as it said to update something but when you click on it nothing happened. I called Flip and they directed me to the site where the scurrent Flipshare software could be downloaded.I saved the progrm to removable media just in case. You can easiy take vides and upload them to the pc. The software compresses the files so you can have an alboum, email the video or burn it to disc.
She will be tickeled pink and thanx a lot.

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