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I have a Flip camera and Win 7 x64, i5, 1T. Ciscois droping Flip and I think I know why. Their original Flipshare software has already had to be upgraded to 5.12 due to issues.
When I involve the camera with WMP 12 which I think is part of Win 7 WMP becomes corrupted in both pcs.
I run the trouble shooter and confirms this. I then uncorrupt both.
I have learned one fact that Win dvd maker won't work with Flip MP4 files.
I insert the camera , usb, and if the WMP gets involved, it becomes corrupt,.
Flip tech (except for one girl)swear there should be no issue But I have read that 64 byte needs a special codec and that others on the web are having trouble too. If I Google the hot terms, I find others with issues.
If I insert the camera, I think it loads the files. If I can create dvd within the Flipware perhaps I would not corrupt the WMP.
Either exporting to desktop or creating the dvd within the software and not involving the WMP12 would allow me to make the dvd.I think if I play the dvd the WMP would not get corrupted but don't know. I think it is only with raw files.
Perhaps there is another player out there like Quicktime thaat would work with MP4.
I can't believe I am the only one jumping through hoops to make a dvd from a camera.
Do you have any suggetions?
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I haven't had any experience interfacing a Flip, but it doesn't seem like you should be having so many issues; Win7 is usually pretty good at hardware interfaces.

I posted a note over in the Computer Forum for any geeks to browse the thread here if anyone has ideas.
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64 bit registered in my mind as soon as I saw that in your post. Is the computer new? If so, did the camera work with the old one (which I'm assuming was 32 bit)? Or did this camera ever work properly with this computer?
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I have never used your type of camera but perhaps Windows 7 is not working well with this software that came with the camera. Try using this website first Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads and look for your model of camera. Some things are compatible with Windows 7 but need a download of the newer software before it will be fully functional especially cameras and printers and some other devices. Still cameras don't have as many problems but I would think that any camera like yours that has video might have some problems. If the above link doesn't work look on Google or Yahoo for the Windows XP compatibility software for Windows 7 from Microsoft. This download is sometimes needed for things that are not on the list on the above website. If it was software that was written for Windows XP then this will work but if it is for an older version of Windows it will not work and I suggest you buy a newer model. One thing to remember though about this website I gave you it is run by Microsoft so you need to click on your model of camera and then click on the link to the manufacturer for the software download. Good luck to you!
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I'm also unfamiliar with how Flip works, but when you plug it in does it show up as a removable drive? Does WMP/Flipshare open automatically? I would try disabling the Flipshare/WMP programs in the tray, so they don't pop up automatically. Then you should be able to access the camera storage as if it were a drive (in Explorer), and copy the .mp4 files right to your hard drive.

I agree with Mitch though, 64 bit is a huge red flag when it comes to compatibility issues.

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