Taking Videos With the newer still cameras


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Taking Videos With the newer still cameras

I have some questions.
My wife has an older digital camera that will take videos. It's limited to 3 minutes and pretty poor quality. Beyond that, when you start videoing anything the light metering circuits are set and if you try going indoors or going outside the lighting sensor will not adjust. Also, once you start the vid process the telephoto lens is disabled so you had better have it where you want it when you start.
I cannot believe that the newer still/video cameras are this restrictive.
If you have a newer camera does your light sensor continue to adjust and does your telephoto lens still work?
All we want to do is take short vids of the grand kids and email them to friends and such. I really don't want a video camera as such.
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Yes, the newer cameras are much better. Recording time for most is only limited by the memory card's size and they constantly adjust the exposure. It is even becoming common for little pocket cameras to record in full 1080p high definition.
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My 5 yr old Canon (S3?) does all that you ask and will record as long as there is memory.
You can even choose the quality you want to record at, and take still pictures while videoing.

You might also consider a Flip video recorder. Though I think they are no longer made, I'm sure they are still being sold, at pretty cheap prices. They are easy to use and will record up to an hour. The software allows you to play around with the videos too.
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Thanks, I suspected the newer cameras would do what I wanted. My wife has a G6, which is 5-6 years old? now I think. It's a great still camera but now the little Elph will do even more although I don't know about optics.
We had a Flip and I did not like the upload time that it took to go to their website. Other than that it was no too bad but I would rather send this stuff direct with no in between type if you know what I mean.
Maybe a newer camera is in the making for us.
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If you have a Flip, you need to bring your laptop on vacation with you to offload onto. The Flip does not have changeable memory cards.

Still cameras with video capability may have poorer audio including mechanical noise if you zoom during shooting.

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