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Please move this as needed. I wish to replace my vhs camcorder battery. The replacement battery in the shell are very expensive. The battery in question is a SHARP BT22. Inside is a single 12 volt 2AH SLA. The PANASONIC PV-BP50 is the typical sla. The pan battery as is fits inside a door while the SHARP fits it into a shell, uses edge contacts. What I need to know is if I should use the PAN battery or third party equal or go with a NIMH or NICAD pack of the same specs that fits into the shell which is approx 6x2.5.1 in inches. A pack of slightly smaller dimensions fits nicely. The existing connector will be cut off. The wires will be soldered to the contacts. What are the efficiency of the 3 chemistries? Can the nicad or nimh be charged using the sla charger? If not what charger should be used? What specs? All 3 are readily available on line. There is an EBAY seller selling a nimh pack with charger for $20. Packs only are less. an alternative is to use two packs made up of 11 AA cells wired in parallel to yield the 12 volt 2AH or more rating needed. nimh are of higher ah ratings. All advice welcome.
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The original battery is readily available online for not too much money.
I would think you could be wasting a lot of money trying to re-invent the wheel.

Even cheaper.
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I agree with GregH why build your own battery when there are so many other cheaper options online. Here is another cheaper alternative Panasonic PV-550 Battery & Accessories . So now you have a great choice between my one link and GregH's two links. Any of these companies have great reputations and will make sure you get the right thing. I by the way didn't use the battery finder but went by brand. The website I gave you has a battery finder tool to help you get the right battery. Good luck!

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