Capturing the northern lights


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Capturing the northern lights

I recently booked a trip to visit iceland. I have been looking into buying a new camera for home use, but I want one that would work well at catching images of the northern lights. Can anyone steer me towards some good camers for this and other everyday shots? Price range to about 800.
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I would suggest that an SLR would be your best type of camera for picture quality.
All brands are fairly similar but in a Canon a T3i with an 18-135 mm zoom lens you would have a very versatile camera and the picture quality will be pretty decent.
For northern lights pictures you would need a tripod and an accessory remote shutter release will help prevent motion blur from pressing the shutter.

Click image

Image courtesy of bestbuydotcom

I will add that to capture images of the northern lights you will need to learn to make adjustments to the camera settings to allow a longer exposure.
You could experiment with night pictures using your present camera and can ask questions about this if interested.

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