Card Error???

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Card Error???

I have an Olympus FE-230 digital camera with a 1G, xD memory card. I was selecting some pictures to delete and a "card error" message came up on the screen. The only thing that happens then is the camera shuts off so I can't get into the menu. I tried taking out the card but this did not help. Any suggestions?
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I have had several digital cameras so far but never had an Olympus of any type. It kind of sounds like your camera went the way of a HP digital camera I have that will no longer take digital pictures nor store them. I really liked that camera too even though I had bought it used and was willing to get it fixed at the time but it wasn't possible as the camera was just too old. Funny thing with that though it will record video but refuses to store a picture.

I am afraid your camera has gone bad too and is probably no longer repaired by the manufacturer. I would try the card on your computer and if you can access it there then it isn't the card but is the camera.
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You say you removed the memory card but did you remove it and check to see if the internal memory works?

Here are the instructions from Olympus on what else you can try:

When I put an xD-Picture Card™ flash memory card into my camera and turn it on, I get a “Card Error” message. What can I do?

This message occurs when the camera is unable to recognize the memory card or when an attempt to format a card fails.
If you see this message after inserting a brand new card, refer to the xD-Picture Card Compatibility Chart to verify that the card is supported in your model. If the card is not supported, return it to the store where you purchased it.
If the card is supported, it may need to be cleaned. Wipe the gold contacts of the card with alcohol using a soft cloth or tissue. When the contacts are dry, insert the card and turn the camera on.
If the Card Error message still appears, remove the card and insert a different supported card into the camera. If the camera reads the second card, then the camera is working properly and the problem lies with the original card.
You may be able to use the card if you format it in the camera.
Warning: Formatting a media card will delete all content on the card.
If you receive this error message after a failed attempt to format the memory card, the card may be defective. For assistance, contact Olympus’ Customer Service and Repair Center using any of the following methods:
Phone: 800-622-6372
URL: Customer Service & Repair Center
Note: Olympus does not offer a service to recover data from corrupted media cards; however, a number of companies do offer this service. In addition, commercial software now exists that may help you to retrieve files from a corrupt card. Olympus does not endorse any particular brand, but you can find many applicable products by searching the Internet for “Digital image recovery.”

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