SONY Cybershot "locked" up


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SONY Cybershot "locked" up

I have a SONY Cybershot that fell off my table and appears to have "cantered or tilted " the telescoping lens mechanism. When I turn it on, the lens comes out half way and stops, then powers off. When I inspected it closer I found the telescoping part is slightly tilted, causing it to stop withdrawing or opening all the way.
First question is how do you open it so I can see if I can straighten it out and get it to work. Second question is, has anyone done this and knows the way to approach this, thanks for the help.
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Search the web for your model. There are sites with tear down pictures and videos and some even sell replacement parts. Some cameras have screws while other are snapped together and need to be pried open. Generally though pocket cameras are considered disposable and it's not worth sending it off for repairs. Worst case they are fun to take apart to see all the tiny bits intricately assembled to make them work.

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