Is there any way for Expert to re-construct the photo?


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Is there any way for Expert to re-construct the photo?

There is a photo which was cropped from group photo.

It's very fuzzy and plus resolution is poor. I contacted first Walmart and RizCamera in hope that they can make it in acceptable level. They told not able to do.

After a search in Internet, I also contacted two expert-photo restoration companies, both of them not able to do, either.

Any hints on how to find more expert restoration site?

Thanks for your help in advance.
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IMO, they are not really saying it can't be done, just that they can't do it and make a profit. What you need/want sounds very labor intensive and could be done, if someone is willing to donate their time. Do you have a camera club in your area, school perhaps?

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You can try this yourself but if the picture is too blurry even the very best software can only do so much. There are free programs out there that you can find on the internet like for instance that you can try and you may have some success. My preference though is for Photo Shop which you can sometimes find on sale if you don't already have it. I like it best of all as it has more control over a photo than most other software. It can be expensive though so I would ask friends if they have Photo Shop and see if you can borrow their computer.

My best advice is to make two copies of the photo file and give them different names as if you make a mistake you can always go back and correct the mistake. Just be sure to always have a spare copy of the original and then you can delete that once the corrections are made to your satisfaction.
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You can also search for plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. There are many that specialize in sharpening and others that focus on resurrecting old, damaged or poor quality photos. But Photoshop is not cheap and even Lightroom is north of $100 and then there is the cost of the plugins.

Another option might be to search out amateur photographers that enjoy the computer stuff. Quite often they will take on a project for fun and practice. If you are in a large enough area you may be able to find someone the old fashioned way by asking around or you can try photo forums.
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You can really only sharpen up a fuzzy photo and not make it look like it was taken properly.
My family and I spent many hours and consulted pros to try to restore a lone fuzzy turn of the century photo of my Grandfather on my dad's side.
The conclusion was that we could turn it into a clear photo but so many pixels were missing that the result may not have been an accurate likeness.

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