Converting 35mm slides to digital


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Question Converting 35mm slides to digital

...on converting 35mm slides to digital.

I have many years of 35mm slides I'd like to convert to digital and put on DVDs. I could use some input on the machines that are out there and what to buy. I don't want to spend a fortune and get something a less expensive machine will do.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not sure what machines are available but my mother sent them out to a local service. They did an excellent job transferring them. Some looked like they could have been done better so I redid them myself with a basic desk top converter.

You could do them yourself but it's very time consuming.
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You can compare these devices:

The Best Slide to Digital Image Converter of 2016
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I can't really add much advice beyond what XSleeper has already given you. I don't own what XSleeper has shown you but a friend of mine does and as the chart shows some of these converters do some kinds of film and some do others. You can either buy the kind shown or you can buy a scanner and not a converter. I bought a scanner but have found some of the software lacking and it is time consuming with either a converter or scanner. If I were to do a purchase like this again I would buy a converter and not a scanner.

Most converters have something like a digital camera in them and you just adjust your slide and snap a picture with them. The picture then goes onto an SD card and from there you can edit and enhance the picture with your computer.
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I did it long... long... long ago. If you have a large amount of slides I would seriously look into having a service scan them for you. Even doing a few hundred yourself is an exercise in monotony and boredom. With the scanner I had each slide had to be inserted then press a couple buttons. It's not a big task for a few slides but it got annoyingly repetitive when doing hundreds.
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When I looked into it a few years ago the cost was (as I recall) ten cents per slide. That included cleaning the slide, making the digital copy, doing all the color corrections on the digital and burning to a disk. It actually sounded like a fair price to me.

If a person had hundreds, or thousands, of slides it would also cause them to go through and toss a bunch of the slides for any of a number of reasons.

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