White background


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White background

I need to take some passport photos with perfect white background and the instructions says no digitally altered photo allowed.

I do have Photoshop but not allowed to use it -- I guess

The question is, how do I get a perfect white background with a basic DSLR (Nikon D5200) ?

I have used a white sheet as background, two stand lights with daylight bulbs to illuminate the background and stand the subject in front of the background and lights , used flash to illuminate the subject.

The result is either a slight bluish or slight yellowish background
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You can do things like adjust the white balance, contrast, exposure... They don't want you doing things like removing wrinkles or making someone's eyes more blue.
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Stand in front of a movie/overhead projection screen - they're more common than you think; I know two people who own them.
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Your problem is mixing two light types, flash and daylight bulbs.
Unfortunately camera white balance does not work like your eyes do.
You could try a white balance adjustment as Dane suggested but might not likely not give you the results you want.

You would need to replace those bulbs with an off camera flash or experiment with bulb types of a different color..
Camera flash units are between 5500k and 6000k.

You can also use a flash unit with a built in slave that will fire a rear flash when the camera fires.
If you have an old school flash you can also get an independent slave trigger unit to fire the flash.

Honestly, unless you want to perfect your portrait skills, professional passport photos are relatively inexpensive and are guaranteed to pass muster.
Plus, you will see what it takes to get the job done.

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