Diesel engine repair/help


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Diesel engine repair/help

I just recieved a 89 dodge p-up with the cummings turbo in it. She has 150,000 miles and runs perfect....thing is I want to keep it that way.
I'm aware of the history of the truck (dad owned it first) and the maintenence.
I just need to know if someone can advise me on the voo-doo of diesel engines before I have to tackel somthing
Thanks in advance
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some info

Like all vehicles PM is important with diesels some items that deserve extra attention are Fuel (very clean source and regular filter changes), intake air supply (clean filters and undamaged ducting), Charging and starting systems (clean tight corrosion free terminals and keep an eye on belt tensions (they tend to go thru belts faster due to high work loads associated with diesels), the cooling system should be given a little extra care make sure that the air flow area is unobstructed (leaves, bugs etc.) look between the a/c condenser, external oil/transmission coolers and radiator and any other add-ons that might allow the bugs etc. to build up. If you have gunk (tech term) build up be very careful how you go about cleaning it (the cooling fins on the condenser radiator etc. bend easily and they will stop the air flow if they are bent over).
Everything is expensive to fix these days; diesels tend to be a little more so, the PM will help you keep it running like a top for a long time. One last thought don't be too fast to get on the turbo when the vehicle is cold and try to give a minute or so idle cool down time after a hard or extended run for the oil to cool down and the turbo to cool down (save yourself an early turbo bearing and/or seal failure)

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