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What's the diff between a 3.73 and a 4.10 gear ratio ?

I'm looking to buy a 2002 Chevy Silverado. Normal stock Silverados come with the 3.73 gear ratio. This particular truck has a 4.10 gear ratio (add-on option). What is the difference between the two ratios ? Will it affect my gas mileage a lot ?
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yes it will affect the gas mileage quite a bit, this option is usually only good to have if you do alot of heavy towing with the vehicle,
the gear ratio is the amount of turns of the driveshaft to turn the wheels one complete revolution, the pickup running at 55 mph with a 4.10 gear ratio will be running at alot higher engine rpm versus a pickup with a 3.73 ratio, there probably isnt to much difference in city mileage but on the highway it can make a significant difference probaly around 5 mpg less.
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Do you really think the MPG on highway would be that different ? I had a 96 Silverado w/5.7L V8 with the 3.73 gear and my brother-in-law has a 00 Silverado w/5.3L V8 with 4.10 gear in it and he gets better gas mileage than I do. He does just as much highway driving, if not more, than I do. Could that be because he has the newer Vortec engine ?
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the 5.3 is smaller than the 350 and is a lot more advanced compared to the 350 and more efficient so im sure that has something to do with it along with alot of other differences.
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well 3.73 is a better gear for smaller tires, like 33" or smaller. The 4.10 is better for larger tires like 35's. If you have stock tires, you probably would get better gas mileage with 3.73. The new silverados you can choose, 3.73 or 4.10 at no extra charge. I guess they did that back in 02" as well. I think chevy also put 3.94s in their trucks as well. So if you plan on lifting the truck and putting on 35" tires then you will luck out. I just lifted my truck, an it has 3.73..i wish i had the 4.10s for my 35s im getting.
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as nate mentioned, tire size comes into play. calculate the final drive ratio considering the tire size before you form an opinion.

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