What's it worth in street value?


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Smile What's it worth in street value?

I need some info to counter the Ins co blue book value.

1970 Chevy C/10
350 CID 4 Bolt main, org 150,000 miles
350 TH 350 org
Posi Traction
Rebuild front end all Moog parts
Brakes all new including lines Bendix cyls Asbestos custom relined shoes.
New windshield
Overload spring pkg ( factory )
Rewired front to back
All Org Body parts.

Truck was T-Boned by an 02 Silverado at 35 mph.

What is a truck in this shape before the accident worth in your area?

I know how much all the parts cost. Labor was all done by Myself & Son who owns truck.

We have read that you can beat the ins co back on using the Blue book value & totaling the truck. If of course you can show that the street value is higher.

Planned this Winter include a 1968 rebuilt 327
Rebuild the TH 350
Replace cab conners, Sill plates, Have it painted org color cost 4,700.00

If you have some idea what a 70 C/10 in this condition is worth in your area, please let us know.

Thank You.
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well you didnt state to much on the body which is important, obviosly if you were going to repaint and replace cab corners and sill plates it isnt in the best of condition, what about the cab mounts usually they are wiped to?
here in missouri if it was rough looking lots of rust and in bad need of a paint job but mostly straight it would go for about 1500.
if it has very little rust such as in the areas you mentioned and paint still looked half way decent it would go for around 2500
and a fully restored truck will be well over 5000 even if the restoration is a few years old.
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Smile Body shape

Hi bejay

you didnt state to much on the body which is important.

Of course you are correct.
The Raidatior Core support is new as are all the rubber parts that come with the Energy Supension compleat truck kit.

The cab corners have small holes like they all did due to lack of good drainage. Sill plates also.

Some History is needed. The truck was used to carry a small camper thus the Overload like the Camper Special.

It was used for 4 months of the year to go out to Mew Mexico for a vacation & parked in a garage the remainder of the year up on Jack stands just stored.

We go it from the son who gave us all paperwork going back to the 66 Chevelle they traded on it. The father had a seasonal business that let him and his wife go out west in the summer for 4 months. It has the original paint Medium Olive Poly with white top. All plastic side markers assys replaced Dash $175.00 NOS same color Stearing wheel Repro same color. Seat cover NOS cloth like original.

It is not as good body wise as my 69 C/10 but both trucks never saw winter salt so they are amazingly clean and without the kind of rust seen in say an Ohio truck same year. The 69 has no need of metal repair & is going into the paint shop in Frame off condition. I expect at least $21,000 in alanta all replacement parts except the Urathane mounts & cushions, are GM NOS. Engine is the Orig 327 Blueprinted W steel crank 4/11 rearend. But that's my truck and we are looking for the prices on the 70 around the US.

I will be headed in your direction for my next build project.

bejay said:
a fully restored truck will be well over 5000 even if the restoration is a few years old.

A truck like you describe 67 to 72 will bring $12,500 in Asheville & up to $25,000 in Atlanta & Knoxville.

The 67 to72 c/10 & C/20s have leapt ahead so much in the last 10 years I am so happy we bought ours when we did 10 years ago. Even a rolling work truck to begin with will command over $1,000 just to get started.

I beleive the reason lies with the Boomers & the fact that they don't have much in common with the 50s except we were born then. Also with new tecnoligies like the Urathane Bushings Kits, Disc brake kits for drum systems. Don't forget the Boomers have mucho $$$ to spend on play toys, compared to their parents generation.

What state are you in? Do you see a fair amount of 67 to 72 C/10 for sale?

Thanks for your input bejay,


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there is a few but most of them would not be worth restoring due to the fact you would have 20000 to 25000 in it when finished and thats not counting your labor. most are rusted badly unless you found one that had been garaged most of its life. i suppose its even worse if you lived in a northern state its hard to believe some of the vehicles the road salt is deffinately hard on them.
i own a 69 c20 that im letting rust away it has been wrecked several times, and someday i would like to get a 1/2 ton and restore it completely one thing is for sure they are getting harder to find.
that truck sounds like it was worth alot more than blue book for sure.
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One thing is for sure they are getting harder to find.

Your right about that, ever since the 67 to 72s started selling for good prices, they are getting harder to find & will cot you quite a bit, to get the starter truck today.

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in good condition

I work with a fellow that has a 1972 in real good condition, all original. He is asking $16,000 for it in the state of Kentucky.

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To fight the insurance company you will need reciepts, reciepts and more reciepts for all the work done. A log of your hours will also help otherwise you will be at the mercy of the company. 7 or 8 years ago a cab hit my pristine 73 tii and was offered 2,500 for the car. I had 16,000 in recent reciepts and a log book with over 1,400 hours in it. The company paid me 10,682 dollars for it and I got to keep the car. I felt totally f--ked but was advised by the family attorney that it was a very good offer. Unfortunately they are in the drivers seat but if you can prove enough restoration was done they may work with you. Good luck
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Smile Good offer so far.

Thanks for the input guys. I am a Dad who Harps on keeping good records.

As I saw my son look over at me with a big grin on his face when he saw the offer. It made it all worth the times I had to say, don't forget to record that part, milage & your labor costs.

He got back this afternoon after 2nd Dr visit his X-Rays show damage to hip & Sholder so now he will learn the part where you meet the Laywer & from now on the stakes become much higher.

Of course I don't much care about the Truck, as I can allways get him another Truck. I want my Son to get better, so he can get back to enjoying his life.

By the way he saved the man from being run over by his own truck when he put the truck in reverse & did not set park brake. As he was getting out he got stuck in his seatbelt and fell backwards as the truck started roling back.

Zac ran around behind the man and stopped the truck before he got caught under his own front wheel.

Biggest lesson learned so far was no mater how thankful the man was to Zac for saving him, it is an alltogether different animal you face with the mans insurance Company. They will start to play dirty now that he has injuries. Let the contest begin, I'm more than ready this time.

At 25 I was reamed for 400 dollars as a young Father whose Truck was totaled & I had to sign, in order to get the money to get a cheap Mavrick to get back & forth to work to support my family.

Those were the bad ol days & I Won't forget, what they did to me, my wife & baby Zac. This time I'm in charge & have the money,Time & Lawyer to make sure Zac gets better, without worry that he will get Fxxxed.

The morel of the story is like easywind said, keep track every penny you put into your ride. If you don't you will live to regret it bigtime, when someone hits you.

Sorry about your 73 easywind Your Lawyer should have done better for you. Lawyers have to be personal friends, or you need to keep reminding them whos paying them, real loud if need be

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Marturo hope your son is well soon.The vehicle is secondary as you have mentioned,it can be replaced.
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Smile Muchos Gracias

Thanks davo,


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