88 Ford E350 Van Overheating


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88 Ford E350 Van Overheating

Any ideas will be greatly accepted, so here is the info.
I have an 88' Ford E350 van that runs hot and has a hard time starting when it is hot. I have replaced the battery, water pump, alternator and starter. It seems to loose water, no visible leaks but goes through water in the radiator at the clip of about 1/2 gallon every 500 miles. If you go 55mph it rides fine and does not overheat.... But go 75mph and it heats up and you have to pull over to let it cool down or slow down to 55mph.
Then if it is hot, it cranks real slow, like it has a bad battery but it doesn't, like I have said, I replaced it along with the other parts mentioned above. Finally, when it is hot and cranking slow, if I get a jump it starts right up.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,

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your overheating is probably due to radiater may have to replace it or take it in to radiater shop and see if they can repair it by cleaning out the cores you should also have cooling system pressure tested to see if any leaks show up for your coolant loss even though its not that great i suspect you have a very small leak somewhere.
starting problem you need to check everything again including battery, starter, charging system is it charging ok, and you also should have your ignition timing checked cause if it is overadvanced it can cause slow cranking mostly only when the engine is warmed up, i suspect either your timing is overadvanced or you have gotten a bad starter and after getting heat soaked is drawing so many amps it cranks over slowly.
you might check your timing first cause if it is overadvanced it can also cause the engine to run hotter than normal.

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