Clean refrigerator flue

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Clean refrigerator flue

I have a refrigerator that isn't cooling properly. It is a small RV refrigerator built by Dometic, Model # RM2410. One of the suggested troubleshooting tips suggests the flue might need cleaning or the baffle isn't in proper position. However it does not say how to access the flue to clean it nor what the proper installation of the baffle. Has anyone ever had to do this to their refrigerator and knows how to clean the flue on this particular refrigerator. Does anyone know any good RV tech sites that might have more advice of this type.

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Posts: n/a Try this link I get a lot of info here for my RV. Thanks

Looks like you'll have to copy and paste the link. I'm not sure how to make it clickable in this forum
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is it not working on elec lp or both if the coils on the back get hot but the frige will not cool you probly have a blockage in the amoina system if you ever smelled amoina it needs a new cooling coil if you need more info email ryan at
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Some of these refrigerators can be very tempermental.

Does the cooling temperature differ between gas and electric? Ours was always colder running on gas.

Some fridges have to be dead level to work properly.

Another trick we learned an used from the RV Repair and Maintenance book (a very good book) was to remove the fridge from the camper, place it upside down in the bed of a pickup truck and travel down a bumpy road to shake up deposits in the coils. This trick worked well for us on a 1972 Dutchcraft camper we oncer owned.

Since these fridges typically run $600 - $800, you might want to try the bumpy road trick.

If you pull the fridge out of the camper, I'm sure you can get to clen the flue while you're at it.

good luck to you.

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