brakes 97 dodge 3500 drw

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Question brakes 97 dodge 3500 drw

i have a problem with brake lockup under 30 mph if i even look at the brake peddel i get a close up view of my windshield got new roters and pads 6 months ago before that the truck never wanted to stop the only thing changed is now i have primium pads ?abs or other problems prone to 1 ton dodges cost me $600 to have the dealer try to fix it thay gave up after replaceing calipers + hardware feels like it might be rear wheels grabing any ideas welcom
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have your rear brakes inspected likely have either a wheel cylinder leaking or axle seal leaking wich will coat the brake shoes with fluid and cause them to grab when brakes are applied.
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This can be a pain to fix. On old duallies before abs existed there was a load proportioning valve, as more weight was placed in the back more pressure went to the back brakes. This is still used on some semi type trucks, and most anything with an air bag suspension has it. I don't know if there might be some variation of this still on some trucks.

If the rear drums were not turned, they can indeed grab with a light pedal application. Proper brake job is new shoes or pads and turn or replace rotors and drums. And the leaking stuff mentioned above can produce problems as well.

There should also be some sort of proportioning valve if you are messing with abs and what not, but I think the basics are where it is at.

New calipers would not do it, things need to gently apply or else they grap. Rough old rotors and drums are grabby with the new stuff since they are not broken in for a long time if ever. New turned rotors adn drums have a smooth surface for things to break in against.

If you play in gravel you should see what is being the problem wheel or if it is the entire back axle or who knows what. Even with abs you should still see some marks showing something locked up and released a bit. On pavement many abs systems leave mini skids, these are older dumber systems and I expect a dually to have a dumb system and a corvette to get smart systems.

If you can, check things yourself. Check your receipt to see that for the brake job the rotors and drums were turned or replaced first. If not, I would go back and ask them if they can do brakes. Now if the neighbor kid did em, you are sol. But any shop or dealer showing an ASE sign knows the right way to do brakes.

Do the gravel yourself, if you can have someone watching from outside while you do this it may help as well.

Let me know what all has been done and I can try and help. But I don't make it here more than every now and then during the week.

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