1997 dodge ram has no heat when idling


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Unhappy 1997 dodge ram has no heat when idling

I have been trying to fix the problem of no heat on my 1997 dodge ram 1500(2wd). So far I have flushed my system, changed the thermostat and changed the check valve on the vacuum system. I have no heat when truck is idling and only receive heat when I accelerate, which is lukewarm. The check valve did take care of the problem with it switching over to defrost under a load. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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usually the main cause of not blowing out heat when idling is due to the cooling system not being full so when the engine is cooled off remove your radiater cap and make sure it is full, if it is full reinstall cap and warm vehicle up whether driving or letting idle for 30 minutes once your upper radiater hose is warm feel your heater hoses that run into the firewall to heater core they should be equally as warm both of them if they are not you do not have good coolant flow flowing through heater core and may be caused by clogged heater core most likely but can even be a waterpump that is badly erroded. if your heater hoses are warm then the problem is going to be inside under the dash with the ducting or blend doors.
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reply to bejay

Thank you for the valuable information. I felt the heater hoses and the hose going into the top by the thermostat is a little cooler than the other heater hose. I will attempt to check the heater core for being plugged up and will let you know how things went. Again thank you very much for your reply back to me.

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