1979 Luv


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1979 Luv

I have a two barrle carb on a 1.8 Isusu motor( 1979 chevy LUV)
the secondary wont operate properly, it operates off a mechanical diaphram, what could be the problem
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Had one of those on an old Celica once. Possible the diaphram is leaking or the gasket where it is mounted to the side of the carburetor. Try removing it (watch for a little round gasket where it mates to the vacuum hole in the carb body). Apply a slight vacuum to it (suck on it) and see if the actuator lever moves and holds. Could also have a clogged passage in the carb body.
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1979 luv

thanks tow guy, but that didnt seem to be the problem,
iappretiate the help though.

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