Grand Cherokee Laredo


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Grand Cherokee Laredo

I have a 94 Grand Cherokee (6 cylinder, 4 liter) with about 65,000 miles on it. I have been getting about 10 miles per gallon. Is it normal? I thought it should be around 15 mpg in local. Is there anything I should do to improve the gas milage, different gas? By the way it has been tuned and my mechanic says nothing is wrong. Thanks.

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When was the last time the fuel filters been changed.what about a good tune up??if it fuel injected what about the injecters
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I have a 95 and get at least 15 miles to the gallon in the city. Same motor only I have 102,000 on mine. Wish I could be of more help but I would take it to someone for a 2nd opinion.
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I agree get a second apinion
it could be a bunch of things the tune on the engine is the most important thing dont skimp on products also
the fuel sensor could be bad and frozen
having set in a different mode and just pouring gas into your engine
having the computer ran will tell the problem more than listening to it
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I agree also, I have had an '86,'90,95,97,99 G.C,and an 02 G.C all with 4 litres. The worst mileage that I ever got was 16, something is definately wrong. Maybe your O2 sensor is bad and messing up your mixture??? I have had very little trouble with any of my Jeep 4 litres and they run forever. Now springs, transmission mounts, water leaks, clutch master/slaves...that's a different story LOL. If I recall, there was no check engine light, just a service engine light that came on based on a timer under the dash of all things! Now that was on my '90 so it may have changed by '94. It may be worth laying out $20 for a new O2 sensor to find out. With a lot of miles, it's probably ready for one anyway. Otherwise you may have to take it to the dealer to have it plugged in to find out. I got rid on my Jeeps and got a Durango, now there is a fuel mileage shocker for you, 11 MPG and it's new and running right! 4.7 liters of fuel sucking Magnum power passing everything on the road but a gas station!

Here's hoping that your Jeep doesn't smell like the inside of a tennis shoe from the water leaks like all of my Cherokees did! LOL
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