88 dodge exhaust manifold gasket?


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Question 88 dodge exhaust manifold gasket?

i recently rebuilt the engine in my 88 dodge w150. its a 5.9 litre carbureted 4x4. i installed the exhaust manifold gaskets supplied in the felpro kit. after about 1 month, one blew and i now have a leak at #8 cylinder. shortly after the install, a friend who owns a service station was looking at my handywork and mentioned i shouldn't have installed the gaskets. he said no gasket should be used there.
is he correct that no gasket should be used?
during the first install i used thread seal per the chiltons and torqued to spec.
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yes you do use the exhaust manifold gaskets but you may have to retighten all bolts after the first few hours of running cause they have a tendacy to loosen up it also helps to install lock washers on the bolts if long enough to do so to help prevent the bolts from loosening up, if you didnt use a gasket it would leak.

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