fuel filter 99 Suburban


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Cool fuel filter 99 Suburban

I need to replace my fuel filte rhowever the filter instructions say to purge the pressure from the fuel system before removal.I've been told this pressure can be as much as 40psi. As you have guessed it doesn't say how. How do i do this? Any help you can provide will be greately appreciated. THX
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well you can purge the line at the fuel pressure test port under the hood, or you can just wrap a rag around fitting when you remove it it will have some pressure but will bleed off quickly and then you can finish changing the filter the biggest concern is that you dont get sprayed with gas when you remove the line.
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thanks I appreciate your help i will see if it works probably later today.
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An alternative

I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to post an another method for relieving pressure in the fuel system. Remove the fuel pump relay from the fuse block in the engine compartment and then attempt to start the engine. This should relieve the fuel system pressure. Then disconnect your battery! This way you reduce the chances that the fuel pump will kick in.

There will still be a slight amount of pressure in the line but as long as you have a couple of shop rags around the filter and hose as you disconnect then you should be in good shape.
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fuel filter

Another thing to be mindful of is if you have a trouble light be sure it does not get sprayed with gas or you will have an instant fire......dont ask.

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