BAS and bleeding system


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BAS and bleeding system

98 dodge 250 pickup / diesel

Short easy question that I hope you all can help with,
About 2 days ago I was driving along and went through a construction site on the road....hit a few bumps and went my way. About 5 miles later i noticed it took a little more pressure to make the truck stop.
So I'm thinking that there is an air bubble in the line (from the bouncing......front end is way heavy with the diesel) and its time to flush the lines out.
Today (friday) when I started the truck, the brake / abs light was on, this is a new one for me .
Question is....I know how to bleed brakes on veh, but this being the first truck I have owned with anti-lock, do I have to do anything "special" in order to do it correctly?
I've inspected the system for leaks / breaks and I have also checked level of fluid (good on both counts).
But crawling underneath I've noticed what seems to be a second master cylinder on the frame wich also has a bleed screw on it . Do I bleed that before the rear set?..or not at all?

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be deeply appreciated!!!
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just bleed the brakes as you would if it was an older vehicle that didnt have abs brakes, i doubt that it will solve your problem if you have determined that the vehicle has no leaks and fluid level is full you likely have a faulty abs component that is causing the abs light to come on and causing your braking problem i would suggest taking to a shop for diagnossing and repair.

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