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stalling problem on a ranger

I have a 1986 ford ranger with a 2.9 liter and I have a problem with it when it is cold it will run pretty good but when it warms up it will idles but wont drive just keeps stalling and smells like rotten eggs I have changed the egr valve and the tps.the only codes are coming up are egr vent fault and ege position signal rpm low and I have no idea what those are if you know what these are or if that is my problem or something else is causing it please let me know thankyou: it does not stall as much when it is cold and it would idle ok but it as soon as you give gas it would back fire and stall

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im assuming this is fuel injected 2.9l you should check fuel pressure for starters should run around 40 psi key on engine off and around 30 -40 engine running check this when it is warm when the vehicle isnt running good, also remove the vacum line coming from the intake to the fuel pressure regulator to see if any gas is in the line if the is any gas in the vacum line the regulator is bad.
if the vehicle has no power or stalls on acceleration when warm you should also have you exhaust checked for a restriction any exhaust shop can do a backpressure test for you just ask them to check exhaust for a restriction.
a better description of the problem would help also, as to wether it stalls on acceleration or if it stalls when you are slowing down to come to a stop.

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