"abs" module on 99 silverado


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"abs" module on 99 silverado

I've got a '99 silverado, (new body style) and the "abs" module just quit...(this module mounts on top of the "abs" valve, on the frame, below the driver's door).....I found out that this module retails for almost 800.00.... ......and that this module was only put on this late model 99.......evidently GM is having a problem with this, as they told me to "hang on to your receipt, there could be a recall"......even the used parts are going for over 500 buck...
I unplugged the module, and now I just have "regular" brakes...until I get the bucks for a new part....
Anybody else experience this????
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Abs problems are pretty common on all makes and models of cars. Your price quote sounds about right.
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abs module

Thanks a bunch for the reply, and yes, you are correct, that the price is "right"....I posted a sarcastic note to Chevrolet, and they called me!!!.....they acknowledge that they have a problem with this particular model of module (by the way, it is exclusive to the late model '99, they changed it for 2000).....anyway, they say that Chevrolet has been going "half" on the repair for these...I guess that's better than nothing!!!
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Well I got to you too late but in the future if you need high priced GM parts try www.gmpartsdirect.com
They appear to list the part for $386 instead of $772

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