Pickup won't start


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Pickup won't start

I own a 91 Toyota 4x4 shortbed dlx, 4cyl, 22RE engine with 216,000 miles on it (great truck!) In the last 2 months I have replaced the battery and the alt. Everthing seemed to be working fine the day before. This morning it wouldn't start. Tried jumping it with cables. Lights, stereo everything works fine. I even tried using the clutch bypass button, still nothing. Can you please clue me in on what else to check this has never happened before. Thank you
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First check to see if you are getting fuel. Pull the fuel line off right before the motor, when you crank it over is fuel coming out? Next to get a spark tester at an auto store, plug it in to your plug wires to see if you are getting spark. You can also test for spark by arcing it to the block. But the spark plug tester works much better. After you find out weather it is fuel or spark. If it is not either of those it might be air, but check those first and get back to us.
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Does it turn over at all?

What's it do when you turn the key to start it?

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