1990 Dodge Ram 250 - Stalling problem


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Unhappy 1990 Dodge Ram 250 - Stalling problem

I have a 1990 Dodge Ram 250 Van, 5.1 litre V8, automatic transmission. About a month ago the vehicle developed a stalling problem while I was vacationing in Florida. After the vehicle warmed up and had been driven on the highway it would not idle. As soon as the vehicle was stopped, and sometimes while slowing down the engine would just quit. It would restart immedialtely, but would not idle. The problem did not exist when the vehicle was started cold. A mechanic suggested it may be the EGR valve sticking open. He suggested that I remove the vacuum line to the valve and then seal off the open vacuum line. This solved the problem. Once home, I took the van in for service. I was told the EGR valve was "gummed up" with dirt, and that they had cleaned it up. Now I have another problem. The van will start properly, but as soon as you put your foot on the gas (even very slowly) the engines begins to stall, and run rough as though the choke is stuck on. This happens every time you step on the gas. If you "pump" the pedal to get the rev's up the engine seems OK until you have come to a stop and then step on the gas again. Do you think this problem is still related to the EGR valve?

Dave Westbury
Ontario, Canada
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sounds like the egr may be opening to much you can remove the vacum line going to egr as before if it quits hesitating you should replace your egr valve, suggest using a mopar egr valve may be a little higher but worth it due to the aftermarket brands poor quality.
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Also check the whole vacuum system while you are at it. There should be a diagram under the hood some place.
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1990 Dodge Stalling Problem


I disconnected the EGR valve, plugged the vacuum hose and the Van runs perfectly again. The repair shop said they cleaned the valve, guess I'll go out and buy a new one.

Thanks again,

Dave Westbury

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