Ford 4 x 4 Now 4 x 2


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Ford 4 x 4 Now 4 x 2

First, I'm not a mechanic so take it easy on the tech-talk :-)

I bought a 1992 Ford Ranger 4.0 L about 4 years ago. I suspect it was in an accident before going on the lot since the windshield leaks--looks like a crummy install job. The reason I mention the windshield is that after a bout of idle problems and rough-starting, I was almost talked into a computer replacement by the local Ford dealership. They said that water leaking onto the firewall screwed up the computer's ground. I took it to a trusted mechanic. He replaced a couple of vacuum hoses and everything was fine. ($39.95 as opposed to $1000+)

About 2 years ago, the 4 x 4 (electric) quit. The indicator light on the dashboard would come on for a while even though it wouldn't actually go into that mode but now, even the light doesn't come on.

Last winter, I had to have a new (rebuilt) transmission put in but I couldn't afford to do anything about the 4 x 4 except ask the friendly mechanic to 'just have a look around'. He said the unit wasn't getting power but couldn't tell more unless he did some serious (expensive) poking around.

Hoping it was something cheap, I found a large fuse box under the hood on the passenger side, did a continuity check on all the fuses and they all seemed OK. Even replaced a couple just to be sure.

Anything else (cheap) I could look for?

Oh yeah, there is an electric seat adjustment deal--that thing never worked. Could the two problems be related?
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There is an electrical control module that supply's power to the external shift motor on the back of the transfer case. One or both of those are most likely the problem. Either way it is going to be kinda expensive for the part. You should test to see if the shift motor on the out side of the transfer case is getting power.

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I was afraid of that--expensive Thanks Weld

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