'95 GMC Sonoma - failure of AC / Heater Vents to change position.


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Al Misko
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'95 GMC Sonoma - failure of AC / Heater Vents to change position.

I have a 1995 Sonoma GMC pick-up, 2.2 liter engine. The vents will no longer operate whether it be in AC or Heater mode. Vents stay in the Defrost position no matter what vent selection I make with the control knob (MAX, BI level, Heater). I replaced the AC / Heater control panel and blower switch on the dashboard, to no avail. The vents still stay in the defrost position. Occasionally, the vent will switch to the proper position after approximately 45 minutes of driving time. Often times they don't. Any ideas?
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check under the hood for cracked or broken vacum lines some models also use a vacum reservoir usually looks like a plastic round ball which will have a vacum line going to it.
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Al Misko
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Thank-you, bejay!

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