Find a Fuse for the rear TV/VCR in Conversion Van


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Find a Fuse for the rear TV/VCR in Conversion Van

I have a 1995 Chevy Van with the Conversion by Gladiator. I was rolling along last year and had a rear tire seperated and the resulting vibration caused several problems. Most of the problems have been repaired. I am now, as time permitts, working on the rear "indirect lighting" and the TV/VCR. There is a set of overhead switches in the center between the driver and passenger which controlls the 1) TV/VCR and 2) rear lighting. These switches have a light in the rocker arm which shows if they are on. These lights are off indicating that this circuit is out. I have removed the TV/VCR and have on the bench checked them and I still may have to get the VCR aligned. During that removal I found that one of the cig-lighter receptacles had shaken loose and shorted out that part of the electrical circuit. I cannot find the fuse which I know is blown. I have checked all the fuses in the panel under the dash on the driver's side and they are all fine. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME LOCATE THIS BAD FUSE so I can continue with the repair. This is the one remaining item, everything else has been repaired. A description or diagram will be of great help. I desperately need HELP!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why don't you contact the converter, if they're still in business? They should be able to help you. I know I've heard of these vans so they should still be in business.

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