whacky speedometer


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david arrington
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whacky speedometer

Speedo on my 1990 Dodge D150 goes wacky when driving with the OD unit on. It goes up and down erratically and causes the trans to shift up and down. With OD unit off it functions ok and the trans shifts ok. Mechanic said the speed sensor on the trans was bad he replaced. This did not fix the problem.

Any idea what to check or change so I can drive with the OD unit on?
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I am not real familiar with that model of truck. But in a general sense I would make sure you do not have an OD cable bleeding signal over to the speedo cable. But if your truck as a mechanical speedo this would not be a concern.
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I had an electronic speedometer go wacky when the lights were turned on in a 95 Winnebago with P30 chassis.I replaced the $100 printed circuit card which didn't fix it. I was advised to replace the alternator and that cured it.

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