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How hard is it to change over to R-134 A/C freon from R-12 freon in a Ford F-150(1990) truck? Is this a do it yourself job? The kits at the store make it look easy, but most tech's you talk to, say you have to replace several parts of the A/C system and getting rid of the old R-12 freon in the system, is a lot of work. Do you agree? Am I better off just paying the high price for the old R-12 freon?
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those kits are the bare essentials to convert your truck over to r134a usually they just contain adapters a small amout of pag oil and freon you would still have to have your old freon reclaimed by a shop and after converting it you would have to return to a shop and have a vacum pulled on the system before filling.
when a shop converts a vehicle to r134a they may replace some components and flush the system and may also add a high pressure cut out switch, conversion practices can vary alot from shop to shop hence there could be a big difference in price depending on what is done to convert your truck over to r134a.
the down side to r134a is it runs higher system pressures and also usually doesnt cool as well mainly because your a/c system was not designed for the freon.
it is an alternative but either way you choose i would suggest you have a shop perform your a/c work, you can also try contacting your ford dealer for what the manufacturer suggests to be done in a conversion and what approved refrigerants the manufacturer recomends,or if you have a subscription to all data it should have this information under the technical service bulletins section.

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