RV a/c throws 20 amp breaker


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RV a/c throws 20 amp breaker

Problem: I have a Coleman 7300 roof top A/C on my Motor home. It is rated to run on 115V household current. Yet, when I hook it to a 20amp breaker, the fan works, but the compressor will not kick in. It will blow the breaker. I am running about 100 ft. of extentsion cord to the plug to the motor home (14 ga.) Thank you in advance for any info.
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maymay I've had this problem too. It's probably voltage drop caused by the long length of 14 guage cord causing the compressor to draw more amperage in an attempt to make up the difference. Either decrease the cord length or invest in one that's a heavier guage.

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14 gauge is rated for 15 amps, 12 is rated for 20 amps. With a 100 foot extension you will need at least a number 10 wire.

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