Which model of mid-sized pickup should I buy?


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Which model of mid-sized pickup should I buy?

Iím in the market for a used mid-sized pickup truck. I currently have a Chevy C-20 that is 25 years old and needs about $1000 to get it through the emissions inspection. This truck has a 4:10 rear and I only get 11-12 miles to the gallon. I no longer pull a boat so I thought the mid size would be a better choice. This is a vehicle I will only drive 2K-3K a year. I want a 4x4 with an extended cab, auto trans, around 1996-1997. This way I would get the AC with R134A and the OBDII computer. I don't want to spend over $7K. I like the size and looks of the Dodge Dakota but have been told it will be discontinued. Iím looking for advice about what is the best model, Chevy S-10, Ford Ranger, Toyota Takoma, or whatever Nissan makes. I want a V-6 engine. Please give me your opinion on which is the best model. The info Iím looking for is model A is know to have front seal problems on the transfer case, model B is good as it comes standard with a limited slip rear diff, Model C is know to have ďthisĒ problem, model D is better because.... In other words donít tell me to buy a Ford Ranger unless you can tell me the specifics as to why or why not this model is better.
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if you like the dakota that is what you should consider getting , it is a decent vehicle and is available with a v-8 if wanted, it doesnt matter whether its discontinued or not what difference would that even make on a used vehicle thats 7-8 years old.
the truth of the matter there is no perfect vehicle they all have their problems wether it be poor design or just normal wear, any vehicle you consider buying I would suggest you have checked over by a shop for any problems that it may have before purchasing regardless of manufacturer.
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go with the dakota, Its a good solid truck. I haven't heard anything about dodge not making them any more. It's a niche vehicle that is vry popular. I owned a 89 and its on it's 3rd owner an going strong. good luck!
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Talking toytoa tacoma

toyotas are very dependable the tacoma is going to be my next truck have owned a few of them never really had many problems. i am looking at the 4cylinder myself drive a lot of miles. good luck on what ever you decide
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do your home work

I would use the computer and do your homework go to googke and type in diffrent trucks and read what people say about them.Read about recalls,maintenance costs etc.Look at old consumer reports.Just do the home work.
I would get a Tacoma or a Tundra they are a little more money but are quality trucks IMO.
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doesn't get any better than Toyota, if your buying use 1995 or newer 3.4 liter engine T-100 Tundra Tacoma there all great trucks, be more concerned on maintenance logs / vehicle being serviced regular instead of miles.

go to consumers guide and compare all the different brands, by year, that should clear things up for you, ive owned Toyota since 1980 , have a 2004 Tundra now, my son has my "old" T-100 with 160,000 miles never been apart except for timing belt, tires / batt / brakes / oil my other son put 270,000 on his standard small p.u. engine never apart.

lol steve

by the way my last amer. truck 1988 chev. silverado, etra cap tow pkg.
Iwhen i sold it it only had 30,000 miles ... engine had valve seals replaced, new engine replaced, rear end replaced, transmission replaced, paint replaced, radiator replaced , steering column fell down, all those items were replaced under warranty, g m could not give me a new truck,
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In all honesty there are good and bad in every make and model your best bet is to see which one has the features for what you are looking for and the price you are able to spend i have been in this trade a long time and i here people tell me tahat there truck is the best never had a problem and i could have another with the same model tell me differant so chose what is rite for yor if you are buying used ask to have it brought to your Tech for a once over if thay say no BEWARE there is probobly somthing being hidden
good luck in your search

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