deisel pickup

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deisel pickup

i'm thinking of getting a used deisel pu. probably a 2000 model, heavy half, prefere chevy, but ford or dodge also. i know they are noisy, are there any other down sides, i also heard you can get up to 40 mpg, can this be true. any input would be helpful, gordon.
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diesels will get better gas mileage than the same model in gas but dont expect that big of an increase in mileage truth is it will likely only be a few mpg better.
you probably cant go wrong with a ford or dodge diesel as both models have proven engines that can go several hundred thousand miles with out much more than maintence. havent heard much about chevy though. you will probably be looking at 3/4 ton and up pickups as i dont think they offered a half ton model.
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thanks for the info, it was very useful.
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it is more common to find diesel engine on 3/4 tonner and hevier

Ford and Dodge and of coure Gmc have pretty good engine but they useally go at least 250K and plus miles before any major work on it .

my diesel pick up truck i have now it is ford with 7.3 engine( made by Navistar Co.) it ran very well for me it did click over 580,000 miles and still running

most dodge will go about same as my did maybe more i heard some allready hit 800K miles now

Gmc is pretty good engine they can top about 300K maybe more

most truck fuel milage are typically from 12 to 22 range it depening on how you use it and it will be about 25 to 40 % better fuel useage than gas counterparts do. just rember the number is not always be the same

gmc did have diesel in half ton for short while but majorty stay on hevey side

merci , marc
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thanks frenchy, i dont have a use for a 3/4 ton, i was only intreged by the gas millage tho. it'll be a 1500 chevy for me.
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I own 2 diesel p/ups. a 1982 nissan straight 4 banger and a 1995 Ford F-250 with Powerstroke 8 cyl. and turbo.
The Nissan gets 34.3 mpg on the interstate with a/c on.
The Ford gets 21.7 mpg with a/c on.

The nissan has 188,000 miles and shows no weakness. The Ford has 236,000 miles and uses about 3/4 qt. oil between changes (5,000 miles).

You should also be aware the diesel is ONLY available in 3/4 ton and larger trucks (ford,chevy,dodge) these are heavy duty vehicles and do not ride like a lincoln

Having said all this, I will probably never own another gasoline powered vehicle.
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gordypoo,if you are looking for a gm diesel that is 2000 model or newer they do not exist.With the introduction of the new gmt 800 body style,1998 models were the last year that gm offered a diesel in a heavy half.If you want a 2000 model the duramax engine is a very good choice,with decent fuel economy & great power.Although you may want to stay away from that some one has added a power chip to,as they can damage the fuel injectors.
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i want to thank everyone for their input.

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