engine cranks but wont turn


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engine cranks but wont turn

i have a 97 gmc suburban, the engine will crank but wont turn over. i added gas to the fuel inj. and got close to turning but didnt. do i have a vapor lock and if so what do i do?
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more info required

When you say that your vehicle will crank but not turn over,is it
just not firing.A vapour lock is rare on a fuel injected engine but can happen,can your hear the fuel pump running inside the tank.
The pump should prime for 5-10 seconds after the key is turned to run.Also do you have spark at plugs.
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You need three things to make an engine run:

1 Fuel
2 Spark
3 Air

I would assume you are getting air

Usually you have a problem with fuel or spark

For spark, pull a spark plug and put the wire back on and have a buddy hold the rubber part of the spark plug boot and put the plug end near a ground on the engine, while you turn the engine over to check for spark.

For fuel you can put the key in and turn it tot he on position, you should hear the fuel pump prime. Then you could try and find the schreader valve for bleeding pressure on the fuel rail. (Schreader valve is the same valve you have on a bike or car tire.) Anyway you should get a release of fuel at the schreader valve if you are pressuring up.

If the pressure checks out you need to actually find a fuel pressure guage, you may be getting fuel but not at enough pressure for your injectors to work. They are funny about wanting the correct amount of pressure.

Hope this helps.
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You could have faulty injection, fuel regulation, or spark. Are any of the dash warning lights on? I would start by getting your codes pulled. Also as previously suggested you should check for spark presence and quality.

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