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Question repair

I have a 1986 Plymouth Caravelle and if you can get it to start it runs great until it just stops on you. It tuns over finem, just like it's going to start, but won't most of the time. We have taken it into the shop, and they told us it started for them, so could not help us. My husband thinks it may be either the fuel filter or the fuel pump. Anyone out there a real genius with cars that could send me some recomendations I could pass along to the service station so maybe it can get fixed? I would appreciate any help or suggestions sent to me, as the car has just been sitting at the curb for a couple of months and we need to get it out of the street or at least moved as the law states no parking in the same spot for over 72 hours. Our neigbors have been very patient with us, but unless we can come up with something, I don't know what we are going to do. Thanks for taking your time to read this, and if anyone out there can think of something, send it on - P L E A S E !!!!!
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if it stops as if you turned the key off it may have a bad pickup in the distributer, but this is just a guess i would suggest taking to a shop and leave it with them so they have time to see it act up, so they can leave it running and even take on short test drives when they have time and when the problem does occur they will be able to diagnose it correctly.
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Wink stupid car

Thanks for giving me another item to suggest to the service guy. I had left it with him all day, and it would never die when it was with him. However, that was about 2 months ago, and we have had it just sitting outside the house collecting dust. Maybe now it will act up when it is at the shop. I will ask him to look into that for me though. Another suggestion to me was the fuel filter or fuel pump. So maybe between all 3 I can get this car running correctly. Its an older car, but in perfect condition looks wise, and would be an excellent extra car, if we could get this one thing cleared up. So thanks again.

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