motor dies,but starts again.


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motor dies,but starts again.

1987 Ford Ranger. 2.9, 5 speed. Runs awhile and than dies. But will start right back up. New coil ,eec relay,pickup,Dis.cap and rotor. Can drive 13 miles to work runs good. On the way back home starts to act up. And this happens day after day. If anyone can help ,Please!!!!!
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i didnt see an ignition module as one of the items you have replaced have you replaced the module?
also if you could describe when the vehicle dies such as when coming to a stop, under acceleration, or just when idling or all the above also whether it just shuts off are does it start running bad first such as loss of power.
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I had it tested at the parts store.They tested it 6 times right after the other , to see if it would fail when it got hot .It ckeck out o k. It dies at all times. It will be running fine and just die. And no lights come on. Sometimes it cranks right back up. Other,times I have to turn it over 2-3 times.It cranks back up running good. This is driving me crazy!!!!
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i would probably go ahead and replace the module something that acts up that infrequently and starts right back up is likely going to test good when the parts store checks it when it is removed off the vehicle.
also might check the small ground wire going to the negative cable usually has a connector that may be corroded and causing loss of ground to the computer.
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Originally posted by colli360
It will be running fine and just die. And no lights come on.
When you say, 'no lights come on', do you mean that the dash warning lights do not light up when it dies? If this is true, then you have lost your ignition circuit, otherwise the warning lights would be lit when the engine dies. Makes me think of a faulty ignition switch or something alone those lines.
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I agree that the likely hood of a scanner catching the problem is limited. Most of the time the either work or do not. The fact that you keep having a problem with out lights makes me wonder about the ignition circuit. I hope it all turns out well for you.
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These have a long coil wire, check the wire for resistance it should be around 8 ohms per foot if not replace. Also check that dist. cap and rotor.

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