F150 Ignition Switch


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F150 Ignition Switch

My wife's '94 F150 locked up in park (while I was gone deer hunting). I adjusted the shift cable and got it unlocked, but now I have a problem that I just can't seem to diagnose. The truck will start in Park, but will not shift out of it. I can turn the key to Run, shift to Neutral and start, and everything is normal until the next time it's shifted into Park. What gives?
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sounds like a shift interlock problem causing it to get stuck in park usually contolled by a solenoid that is energized when brake applied but im not familiar with f150's interlock system might be able to tell you more tommorow. or you could ask over in the automotive forum as im sure there is some ford techs over there that work on them on a daily basis and give you a good place to start.

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