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Unhappy Finding out the hard way

I have a 1997 FORD F-150 4X4 Extend-a-cab with a 4.6 liter V8.

It is a shortbed, 5-speed with Air Conditioning. 1/2 ton pickup.

I was going to replace the front rotors on my truck tonite until I realized that the rotors are either pressed on or just simply will not come off.

Even if I do manage to hammer the old ones off, no way I could do this to put the new ones on.

The nut I removed in the center of this assembly has no bearing because that is independent from the rotors themselves. If I use a gear would send the front drive axle into the transmission and I can see the boot moving inward.

Thought this was gonna be a easy changeout but now I am wandering what to do next. I stopped for the night and sprayed brake cleaner around where the rotor would come off.

The new rotors to put on the truck are simplistic, and it looks like a compressed application is the only way this works.

I do see where if I take a couple bolts out behind the rotor that I might be able to take these to a machine shop.

I do know that the drive axle is moving in and out of the splined area of this part.

If you all could would be greatly the meantime I will be on search engines looking for a link that will show me a breakdown of this assembly configuration.

Thanks again......Steve Plumbing Forums.


Can it just fix itself?

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These rotors will come off they are probably just stuck with rust. Spray the WD-40 to the center ring of the rotor. Also you will have to take the caliper bracket off if you haven't done so. Take a hammer and hit the rotor between the lug studs. When you install the new rotors use a little anti-seize around the flange.
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You hit it right on the nose, I had to sledge hammer thos rotors off and they were glued to the spindles. It actually pull the spindle off exposing the bearings that were in dire need of grease.

I then took the rotor over to a chop saw and cut 4 grooves into the rotor just to the point where the blade touched the spindle.

Turned it upside down,,,,beat on it till it released and then wire brushed it and reassembled with bearing grease and anti-sieze on the surface that touched the rotor.

Thanks again for your knowledge. Have great brakes and saved a $1000.

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