Tire/Wheel combo fitment


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Tire/Wheel combo fitment

How do I know what to get as far as backspacing and offset to make sure my rims tuck? I'm gonna be installing a 3/4 next month on my gen 2 Ranger, and eventually I'll be bagging it and cutting out the wells. I don't want to go crazy like 20 inch or anything. What size fits "comfortably" and still tucks? 17X8? Or can I go with 18's?

I've posted this on my Ranger boards and I'm hoping for an answer there, but isn't there some method of calculating what will fit, or is it all trial and error?

How do I know about backspacing and offset?

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You need to know the inflated width of the tire you are planning to use. Take the wheels off and using a straghtedge lay it across the face of the rotor/drum and up into the wheelwell. Measure from the edge of the straightedge that is touching the rotor/drum to the inside of the wheel well. This is the amount of room you have to play with and minus the inflated tire width this is your backspacing. Measure to the outside (the inside of the lip)of the wheelwell and this plus the first measurement will give you the max width tire/rim combo you can use. Allow room for normal terrain changes (at least 1 inch per side) and you should be fine.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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