auto trans cooler


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auto trans cooler

I am in the process of getting my '86 Chevrolet 1/2-ton back on the road, and thinking of adding a transmission cooler. My question is: Can I rely solely on the auxiliary cooler (assuming it's big enough) and bypass the one in the radiator tank? If I can and do, what benefit will I see, if any? Also, the TH350 transmission is of the lock-up converter variety, but was not original equipment, thus no harness/connector exists on the truck. Can anyone enlighten me as to the polarity of the connector on the transmision, so I can use the lock-up feature? Any/all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks - Chris
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When I had my transmission replaced in my 1990 Suburban 4X4 with a GM rebuilt I told the transmission shop to add an auxiliary cooler. They recommended putting it before the cooler in the radiator, and not just running the auxiliary cooler because in the winter time the transmission might not get up to a good operating temperature.
Years ago I put auxiliary coolers on bypassing the radiator cooler and never noticed any problems, so I don't know what the best answer is. You might post this in the automotive forum to see what the guys over there have to say.

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