Grabbing Brakes


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Grabbing Brakes

The brakes on my '98 Silverado 3/4T 4WD grab something fierce when I first start out on a damp morning. If I lightly drag the brakes for 1/2 a block, they dry out and work fine. Next damp morning, they're grabbing again.

Anyone have an idea of how to stop this? I'll be due for new brakes in a few months, and wonder if I should look for a brake material less sensitive to moisture.

Since I know about it, it's just a nuisance to me. I loaned the truck to one of the kids recently and she almost put herself thru the windshield.
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Have you removed the wheel to take a look at the problem. I doubt if moisture on the pad is sufficient to cause this.

I had a similar problem a while ago with my car. They brakes used to drag from time to time. Also there would be a grinding noise sometimes during braking. I also thought I needed new pads and bought a set.

When I pulled the wheel off I found the problem was actually being caused by a stuck caliper pin. I further found that someone who had done a brake job on the car in the past had not put the boot on properly and this had dried the grease out causing the pin to corrode and stick.

Not saying this is the cause in your case but puling the wheel off and looking may help identify the problem.

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