Windshield Wipers


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Windshield Wipers

I have a 1986 Dodge Ram 150 Truck. I turned on the windshield wipers today and they quit working. I checked the fuses and they were find. Could it be the motor?
Thanks, David
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Id read with a meter for power there at the motor to make sure not in the wire or the switch first ED
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Red face

I've a ' 92 F-150. Had a wiper problem tooo. Thye just stopped working. Got it fixed. Bad motor. I took it apart to learn how it works and here is the scoop. I found that there's a plastic disk with groves in it going aorund the perimeter. These groves work , in cinjuction with a funny looking metal guide, as some sort of timer/interuptor for your wipers. Take the old one apart to see ti for yourself. Well, I've menaged to get my wipers pinched in one position and it caused these groves to get crushed. DOHHHH!!!! I've also looked into the switch itself by taking apart my steering column. My wiper motor/timer electric switch is integrated into turn signal switch...uh ho. Anyway, after repacing the motor I got my wiper to swing BUT...unless I go into high frequency oscilations, they end up "sticking" on my widshield half way thru the motion and sit there like a dead bug waiting for the next cycle. But then they get stuck again, and again. Weird. ANy ideas, Anyone.
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could be the motor what i would do first is turn wipers on gigve motor a littel tap if thay come on than the motor is on its way out also try a ground wire from a known good ground to the body of the wiper motor if this works start checking the ground ing on your motor the next step would be to varify that power is getting to the motor if yes change the motor
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tnx...I guess I should pose my dillemma in the following matter =>
My wipers do get moving but on the way back they get stuck in the upright position (not at the bottom). The motion resumes after the timer gives it command to get goign again. The same "sticking" position is observed over and over again if i let it go (arrrrghhh). However, this is true only if i put'em into low oscillation speed. If I crank it up to the highest "rpm" then they keep on going without any problems and rubber makes a nasty noise against not-moist-enough glass. Wipers also operate OK if I squeeze some washer fluid (using a knob on the switch) wich is followed by wipers' 2 revolutions and they stop where they should. Perhaps, that my motor is not getting enough power/or proper commands in low RPMs -> electrical problem with the switch itself? $$75 for new. Comments?
Tnx Again Doc
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i would try the ground could be a bad ground causing this
also you can try some electrical contact cleaner in the switch

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