tranmission problem

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tranmission problem

Just had my 94 Chevy K1500 truck with 73K miles in for inspection and lube. I then drove it about 80 miles only to find automatic transmission fluid all over the underside and a bone dry transmission dipstick.

Q1 Is there any way other than forgetting the check plug that the oil could leak out?

Q2 Is there any way of determining amount of damage to the transmission? At this point I would like to fight for a new transmission.
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Uh Oh

There could be a lot of ways for it to leak out; gaskets and loosing bolts come to mind first off. As well as rubber washer inserts also come to mind. A good guide to checking your transmission is located at:
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Thank you for your response. When I returned to the garage they said they thought it was a seal inside the transmission that blew. The blown seal would increase pressure in the transmission and then force the fluid out. I am not sure if I buy this. Have you ever heard of such a thing?
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Did the fluid come out the vent?If so there are 2 reasons for that on your truck.#1 overfilled fluid.#2 bad pump in the trans.If it didn't come out the vent you have an external seal leak or trans cooler/line leak.Were you towing with the truck at the time?
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Was a transmission service part of what you were getting done at the shop prior to this happening?
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For transmission service I stick to a dedicated transmission service company.

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